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Featuring... the Mosquito

An innovative saddle walker design

Our experience with producing orthopaedic saddle walkers for children lacking walking autonomy led us to introduce an even more effective product, the Mosquito.


Easy to set up and adjust

Our research group endeavoured to design a device that can be adjusted easily, instantaneously and without tools. The novelty of the Mosquito resides mainly in its ingenious system, where the angle of the saddle and handlebars can be adjusted simultaneously, by joining these two components in the same rotational axle.

Another innovative aspect is the saddle itself, which is manufactured using the CNC mill based on patient measurements. It can be altered to better follow the child's progress.


Exceptional dynamic performance

The arch design that directly links the saddle with the wheels allows the propulsion force to be directly transmitted without any energy loss. And since the Mosquito has roller-skating type wheels, it is very responsive.


Easy to disassemble

The Mosquito is the currently the only saddle walker that can be disassembled, making it easy to transport flat in a car boot.


Design & Aesthetics

With its gentle curves and clean lines, the Mosquito is the result of our careful design work.

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