Our Approach

Go behind the scenes at Orthotech to discover how we work.

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Reception area

A friendly, temperature-controlled area that is accessible either on foot or by wheelchair. There are several designated customer parking spots.


Moulding and fitting room


Digital analysis room


Orthotech has been a pioneer in using digital tools in orthotics. We use our experience and knowledge to improve the comfort of moulded braces, increase the quality of the devices and design new types of devices.


Computer modelling in virtual reality

In true technical wizardry, an electronic arm links the user to the computer and provides him/her with the same tactile sensations as an actual plaster casting process.

The user can touch, palpate and sculpt the mould. This is supplemented by digital calculations on constant volume deformations, transparent views, etc. All together, these operations help us achieve outstanding precision, which would not be possible using standard methods.

Three of our computer workstations have this system.


CNC milling room

Our CNC milling machine has opened new avenues in the design of orthopaedic appliances. It allows us to develop devices such as the Morphotech, which we could not have done with standard methods.


Plaster room

Plaster casts are still an important component in the manufacturing of orthopaedics appliances. The plaster room is a permanent building site.


Heat moulding room

After the modelling step is completed, the plastic structure of the device must be moulded. This room has ovens and vacuum presses. And let's not forget manual expertise!


Assembly room

Once the appliances have been modelled and heat moulded, they are assembled here.


Machine room

Manufacturing these devices requires the appropriate tools. One of the paradoxes of our industry is that the activity is artistic but it also requires industrial methods.


Upholstery room

As the last manufacturing step, the upholstery room houses our sewing and saddlery know-how.


Scheduling room

As a control centre, the scheduling room holds all the plans of the devices that are currently being built. Extensive experience is required to deliver a finished device on time because the production phases are not always in sequence. Even during your first visit, the dates when your orthopaedic appliance will be ready to try on and delivered have already been set.


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