About Us

Innovation, friendliness, company culture, technology. Discover what makes Orthotech special.

About Us

Orthotech designs and manufactures orthopaedic appliances that are used outside the human body to compensate for the loss of function in a part of the body.

We make braces (orthotics) that are intended to support or correct a body part, and prosthetics that replace a missing limb.


Innovative spirit

Since it was established in 1986, Orthotech has shown its innovative spirit by developing various concepts that have significantly influenced our profession, e.g. the dynamic head rest, silicone boots, double cast boots and the Morphotech seat.


Leading-edge technology

Orthotech improves the performance of its orthopaedic appliances by continuously investing in leading-edge technologies, such as laser scanning of body parts combined with computerised design and mastery of the design of carbon fibre devices.


Competence and user-friendliness

Each patient is cared for individually by one of our qualified paramedical staff, who will fully design the appliance in collaboration with the medical team and prescribing physician.


Company culture

The innovative culture at Orthotech is not limited only to technology. It also extends to human resources.

The company has initiated and maintained an extensive training program for its entire staff based on individual accountability and consultation. Each employee participates in company life and in strategic decisions.

This philosophy provides motivation and an open mind, which in turn significantly influence the quality of service we provide. Our teams work together to make more than 1500 orthopaedic appliances each year, which is proof of our energy and expertise.